The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority  “FINRA”

FINRA Oversees adjudication of disputes between security firms and customers when a customer believes the firm has  engaged in wrongful conduct in the handling of his or her financial affairs.  Kevin Mirch and the Mirch team initiate claims for the alleged victims and adjudicate them before a FINRA panel of arbitators who hear the evidence and render an objective decision regarding the dispute.

Customer recovery  of funds  are considered by FINRA.


U-5 Expungement 


The securities industry utilizes a number of mandatory forms as to FINRA members, Form U-4  and Form U-5 are used to register and terminate individuals.  The information on a broker’s U-5 is reported  to the Central Registration Depository (CRD), and becomes a permanent part of the individual’s industry record. Negative information on either form, particularly the U-5  basically makes it very difficult, if not impossible for the individual to obtain employment in the industry.

The only way clear your U-5 record is to file a claim for expungment of the false information.   The Mirch Law Firm has extensive experience in seeking U-5 expungment for FINRA brokers.

Kevin Mirch, Marie Mirch, and Erin Hanson, have represented numerous Brokers seeking to expunge false information from his or her U-5.


Orders for expungement have been obtained against numerous brokerage firms in California, Texas, Nevada, and Tennessee.


Defamation on U-5

In addition to expungment, monetary damages may be available for the publication of false information  on the broker’s U-5 form if the statements are defamatory.


The Mirch Law Firm  was successful in securing a $1.2 million award  against Banc of America Investment Services, Inc. in favor of two  brokers for defamatory statements  that had been placed on their U-5’s.


 Broker Defense

Oftentimes a FINRA member employer will sue a former broker.   The Mirch Law Firm has a solid record of defending brokers, and will examine every defense and counterclaim that may be available for each FINRA litigation.


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