For securities industry professionals, there is a lot of paperwork involved when it comes to accepting or resigning from a position in the securities industry. Upon hire, a Uniform Application For Securities Industry Registration or Transfer (Form U4) must be completed and upon resignation or termination, the Uniform Termination Notice for Security Industries (Form U5) must be completed.


Examples of security professionals include:


  • Traders
  • Bankers
  • Research Analysts


What To Do When An Ex-Employer Enters Negative Information On The U5 Form


Occasionally, when a securities industry professional voluntarily resigns from his or her position, or is dismissed without cause, the former employer may enter negative information on the U5 Form. This can cause significant damage to the former employee’s reputation, and make it more difficult for him or her to obtain gainful employment in other areas of the security industry.


If your ex-employer has issued filed a U5 form with undesirable information on it pertaining to your time at the company or how you left the company, you may want to have the form expunged. However, doing so requires the expertise and resources of a qualified business law attorney who is able to file a petition for an expungement or an amendment.


The lawyers at the Mirch Law Firm, LLP have had a number of successes in getting defamatory, false and unfounded U5 forms expunged. It is our goal to protect your reputation and your future career as a securities industry professional.


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