If you are a professional required to hold a license to legally provide services to the public and have been scheduled to appear in front of the licensing board for review, your license may be under threat. Any kind of dispute between you and the professional licensing board – such as an administrative or disciplinary hearing – could end with your license being revoked and you losing your ability to maintain gainful employment as a professional.

If  you are a medical doctor, and going before a peer review panel, you need an attorney who knows your rights  under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA).    Mr. Mirch  championed  those rights on behalf of his client, Dr. Kenneth M. Clark, in the 1991 Nevada landmark case of  of Clark v. Columbia HCA Health Services .  That case  established that peer review panel members were not immune from suit for violation of Dr. Clark’s right to due process.

If you have been contacted by the board who issued you your professional license for an administrative or disciplinary hearing, it is essential that you contact an attorney immediately.  The Mirch Law Firm has the experience and expertise to assist you.

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