If you have discovered fraudulent practices in your workplace, you may be unsure of how to handle such a situation. You know the right thing to do is to report the practices to the appropriate authorities, but you worry that your job might be at stake if you do so. If your employer finds out that you reported them, you could be retaliated against and be demoted, fired or treated differently by your co-workers and supervisors.


While deciding whether or not to blow the whistle is a decision that only you can make and it is one that requires careful consideration, know that you are afforded certain protections. Federal and state whistleblower laws ensure that a victim of retaliation can seek compensation, including restitution for lost wages and emotional damages due to being harassed on the job, demoted or terminated for being a whistleblower.


If you have witnessed fraudulent practices at the company you work for and want to know what your options are regarding blowing the whistle, or if you’ve blown the whistle and are currently being retaliated against in the workplace for doing so, contact the Mirch Law Firm, LLP, today.


Our experienced attorneys are well versed in whistleblower laws and can advocate for your rights and protections as afforded by federal and state laws. You do not have to idly stand by after you witness wrongdoing for fear of losing your job or being harassed by co-workers and supervisors. Contact us today to discuss your case.